The value of craftmanship

With more than 11 years in architecture & interior, understanding that more and more people care about turning their home into an art of living by choosing the right furniture and the right accessories, Unique Design Architecture has introduced DOMO into the market. DOMO is where you can come and get products that come with quality at approachable price.

DOMO corporates with a range of brands coming from different parts in Europe. We trust the top quality come from them and we trust the services they could provide to buyers. From classic to modern, from outdoor to indoor, It’s what we love to do.



Products made with love and care

Unique Design is one of Vietnam’s leading Architectueral and Interior Design Service companies. We are a group of highly skilled and committed architects, designers and artists who have been living, studying and working overseas and in Vietnam and who bring a unique blend of international and local to every project we work on. We have established relationships and alliances with experienced and high quality suppliers and factories and we are committed to delivering the best results, in quality and cost, to our clients.



65 Lê Lợi
Saigon Centre, Quận 1
TPHCM, Vietnam


37 Nguyễn Đình Chiểu
Quận 1
TPHCM, Vietnam

(+84) 933 913 099
(+84) 28 3824 5027

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